Will Fashion Ever Change?

Imagine walking through the streets of NYC without a cell phone?  Just that one sentence alone arises thousands of questions in my mind…  As if fashion had not been moving fast enough already, technology has only pulled it along faster.

It seems that with the inventions of new technologies in fashion, new ideas for styles would evolve.

In the 1600s, it took decades sometimes for a new style to arise and become popular as opposed to present day 2000s when fashion changes every year.  The only thing however is, new styles were being invented back then, as opposed to now, styles just keep getting regenerated.  They say that fashion recycles about every 15-20 years. 

This thought has often occurred to me over the years… Have we become so narrow-minded that we can not invent new fashions or is there simply nothing new out there to be created?  Everything today is just a spin-off of a previous design.  People mix and twist current styles to create a new style, but in reality, it isn’t that new.

In the 1600s women were using the farthingale and creating bone structures.   So will society ever accept another crazy fashion idea like this?  Or will we just keep re-adopting old fashions?


Yana Handbags at Opening Cermoney Spring/Summer 2010

Michelle ObMOMa

America’s most recent women figure, Michelle Obama, helped her husband Barack take office through her motherly personification.  However, once it was clear Barack was going to take the 2008 campaign, Michelle transformed into a fashion icon.  With designers insisting she sported their latest looks, Michelle Obama is also transforming the American women.  With the First Lady wearing designer clothing, one might say, “of course that’s what she wears; she’s married to the president of the United States.”  However, such is not the case.  Michelle Obama has proven to American women that they have the time to dress and look nice every morning and excel in the world, while still caring to the family at home.  The current First Lady is a symbol among today’s women because she is a walking example of how a woman can conquer any task.

The Importance of Experience in Fashion

It obviously goes far in any work force in the world to have previous job experience.  It gets you better job placement, higher paying jobs, and more connections.  However, it can sometimes be hard putting that first foot in the door and establishing connections.  The most widely used tactic for gaining experience while during college is internships, followed closely by study abroad.  I am  currently investigating going  to either Marist (NYFE) or Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

The fashion industry seems to be the hardest area to nail an internship.  I think this is due to the mentality of fashion executives always being busy and being on top of the world’s trends.  So far, I have basically compiled a list of business headquarters to start calling and faxing my resume.  There’s just one problem though: I don’t have that initial experience to put ON my resume to make it stand out.  I’m simply afraid of an employer throwing it away as it comes fresh off the fax machine.

I am basically writing this post in need of help:

*If anyone is out there with more information on either of these, or with great tactics to putting my first foot in the door, please let me know.  *


What is Abercrombie still on the market?

I want to know where in the world people are still buying Abercrombie clothing.  I also want to know who is on their marketing board and what is going through their minds.

I’m not writing this in frustration of Abercrombie as a company, but what Abercrombie represents.  It seems like they are either fashionably confused, or just straight stupid.  They keep trying to market products that were popular when I was in middle school!  [That would be about ten years ago by the way.] 

What spurred this frustration towards Abercrombie was an email.  Well not one email, but many emails.  I am still receiving the weekly Abercrombie email newsletter from when I subscribed ten years ago.  The reason I haven’t canceled the newsletter and others like it is because I like to keep in touch with what major corporations are trying to push in fashion.  But Abercrombie, they are the only company I just simply do not understand.

Today’s newsletter is highlighting ripped jeans.  While I’m not up to date in fashion for construction workers, I am up to date on runway fashion, and I know they aren’t strutting the runway in ripped to shred jeans.  It is as if Abercrombie is marketing to only the youth, 16 and under.  Which I fully understand, but it seems once again like they are confused.  The 16 year olds I know are even smart enough to realize that a better quality item at a more up to date style is available at other retailers such as Gap. 

If you are a teenager or younger, I would love to hear your opinion on Abercrombie clothes!




SO .. lately, I was trying to order some designer wear from a few select designers over in France.  The only problem…, they will not deliver to the United States.  This seems ironic to me for many reasons:

When you first arrive at almost every foreign site, there is an English option for viewing purposes.  Why would a designer even think to offer English translation if there is no way for an American to get their hands on their design wear unless we travel across the big lake (Atlantic Ocean). 

The main think I found ironic was in advertisements.  A foreign watch company does not deliver to America, BUT, guess who was the face of their advertisement in Vogue-Paris?  I will give you a hint.. he was assassinated and was the 35th president.  That is right, .. JFK.  I guess he used to wear their watches or something, but why would they use him to market to the European market?  I can think of many people who might be more appealing to Europe and people who youngsters would even recognize.  One person that would be more recognizable would be Princess Diana if they are looking to use people that have passed away in history.

With both of these ironies, I was very irritated to find out that I could not purchase from these websites.  One of the websites included Hugo Boss.  This was the biggest irony since I own some of his cologne, but his clothes, you can not buy.  The frustration set in when I noticed that he had a “For Sale” section on his website where clothing items were tremendously knocked down!!! And I am hopelessly stuck in America not able to partake in this beautiful instance. 


My frustration has helped me realize that if I am to ever sell items on-line, make them internationally available to maximize my sales.


Free Fashion Magazines Delivered To Your Home

So as the hard economic times hit, I got to thinking how I could save money.  One of the first but most painful solutions that came to mind was the retirement of my magazine subscriptions, or just simply not renewing them.  When you have a lot of magazine subscriptions such as me, going digital can save you a lot more money. 

However, I started thinking about all the free catalogs out there such as Victoria Secret.  Now I know that Victoria Secret is an advertising catalog so that is why it is free, but why can’t magazines like Vogue also supply there’s for free.  After all, half of their magazine is a advertisement.  For example, when they do break downs of how much each item costs that the models are wearing, why can’t they make those fashion designers pay before displaying their items for free?  Then they would make as much if not more money as they do off their prescriptions, and then could provide subscriptions for free to the public.  They would actually make more money off this concept because you can subscribe to a magazine like Vogue for a whole year for only $15.  That is just a little more than one dollar per month.

A magazine such as Vogue would also generate a larger name (even though is it already pretty large) by reaching out to a greater audience.  Right now, their audience of people who purchase the magazine is comprised only of people that care about fashion and trendy topics.

As I progress through my academics and make a career out of fashion, I might look to try and revolutionize the way fashion magazines make their money.

Either way, keep finding new sources whether free or expensive to expand your fashion knowledge.