What is Abercrombie still on the market?

I want to know where in the world people are still buying Abercrombie clothing.  I also want to know who is on their marketing board and what is going through their minds.

I’m not writing this in frustration of Abercrombie as a company, but what Abercrombie represents.  It seems like they are either fashionably confused, or just straight stupid.  They keep trying to market products that were popular when I was in middle school!  [That would be about ten years ago by the way.] 

What spurred this frustration towards Abercrombie was an email.  Well not one email, but many emails.  I am still receiving the weekly Abercrombie email newsletter from when I subscribed ten years ago.  The reason I haven’t canceled the newsletter and others like it is because I like to keep in touch with what major corporations are trying to push in fashion.  But Abercrombie, they are the only company I just simply do not understand.

Today’s newsletter is highlighting ripped jeans.  While I’m not up to date in fashion for construction workers, I am up to date on runway fashion, and I know they aren’t strutting the runway in ripped to shred jeans.  It is as if Abercrombie is marketing to only the youth, 16 and under.  Which I fully understand, but it seems once again like they are confused.  The 16 year olds I know are even smart enough to realize that a better quality item at a more up to date style is available at other retailers such as Gap. 

If you are a teenager or younger, I would love to hear your opinion on Abercrombie clothes!




2 responses to “What is Abercrombie still on the market?

  1. I live in Phoenix near the University of Arizona, and all I ever see students wear are either Abercrombie , Hollister or American Eagle(some even go so far as Aeropostle, but no one talks with them). Some how these brands made it into the public conscience of what to wear if your between the ages of 17 to 24. I agree that they haven’t changed one bit since I was in college(4 years ago), but how much can they really change? They are a corporation, not a single designer, they simple are not brave enough to alter their product.

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