The Importance of Experience in Fashion

It obviously goes far in any work force in the world to have previous job experience.  It gets you better job placement, higher paying jobs, and more connections.  However, it can sometimes be hard putting that first foot in the door and establishing connections.  The most widely used tactic for gaining experience while during college is internships, followed closely by study abroad.  I am  currently investigating going  to either Marist (NYFE) or Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

The fashion industry seems to be the hardest area to nail an internship.  I think this is due to the mentality of fashion executives always being busy and being on top of the world’s trends.  So far, I have basically compiled a list of business headquarters to start calling and faxing my resume.  There’s just one problem though: I don’t have that initial experience to put ON my resume to make it stand out.  I’m simply afraid of an employer throwing it away as it comes fresh off the fax machine.

I am basically writing this post in need of help:

*If anyone is out there with more information on either of these, or with great tactics to putting my first foot in the door, please let me know.  *



One response to “The Importance of Experience in Fashion

  1. This is very true. Internships in the fashion industry are hard to find. Get to know your teachers so that they think of you when they find out about an internship or job. Good Luck!!

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