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SO .. lately, I was trying to order some designer wear from a few select designers over in France.  The only problem…, they will not deliver to the United States.  This seems ironic to me for many reasons:

When you first arrive at almost every foreign site, there is an English option for viewing purposes.  Why would a designer even think to offer English translation if there is no way for an American to get their hands on their design wear unless we travel across the big lake (Atlantic Ocean). 

The main think I found ironic was in advertisements.  A foreign watch company does not deliver to America, BUT, guess who was the face of their advertisement in Vogue-Paris?  I will give you a hint.. he was assassinated and was the 35th president.  That is right, .. JFK.  I guess he used to wear their watches or something, but why would they use him to market to the European market?  I can think of many people who might be more appealing to Europe and people who youngsters would even recognize.  One person that would be more recognizable would be Princess Diana if they are looking to use people that have passed away in history.

With both of these ironies, I was very irritated to find out that I could not purchase from these websites.  One of the websites included Hugo Boss.  This was the biggest irony since I own some of his cologne, but his clothes, you can not buy.  The frustration set in when I noticed that he had a “For Sale” section on his website where clothing items were tremendously knocked down!!! And I am hopelessly stuck in America not able to partake in this beautiful instance. 


My frustration has helped me realize that if I am to ever sell items on-line, make them internationally available to maximize my sales.



Best Dressed Woman?

Recently, published Michelle Obama as one of the best dressed women.  My question for you is… Is it her responcibility to be the best dressed woman or would the general public still view her as a strong African American woman without such the costume? 

I think it is obviously her responcibilty to be well dressed as she is representing the first woman of the United States of America, but I have one objection to the persona she is trying to push across.  She is trying to tell people that she is a strong, dependent stay at home mother, yet how many moms dress as formal as her? I am not saying anything is wrong with this because once again, only time we see her is on television, but what if she wore normal house clothes for once?  Would the public view her as a not adequate first lady? .. Or would the public connect on a more personal level with her?  Just something to think about…