Best Dressed Woman?

Recently, published Michelle Obama as one of the best dressed women.  My question for you is… Is it her responcibility to be the best dressed woman or would the general public still view her as a strong African American woman without such the costume? 

I think it is obviously her responcibilty to be well dressed as she is representing the first woman of the United States of America, but I have one objection to the persona she is trying to push across.  She is trying to tell people that she is a strong, dependent stay at home mother, yet how many moms dress as formal as her? I am not saying anything is wrong with this because once again, only time we see her is on television, but what if she wore normal house clothes for once?  Would the public view her as a not adequate first lady? .. Or would the public connect on a more personal level with her?  Just something to think about…




Ahh- Fahion Week…

It isan exciting time that everyone in the fashion industry goes crazy over.  The unveiling of new wardrobes for the upcoming season keeps designers more stressed than ever and it seems like it just never stops!  There are over a hundred different cities around the world that have their own versions of fashion weeks.  Obviously the most notable in the United States are Los Angeles and New York, but other noticeable ones I hope to attend someday are the Milan, London, Tokyo, and Paris fashion weeks. 

Context of the Shows-

In the fashion world, there are two major seasons of which to display.  Janurary through March designers show off their autumn and winter collections while September through November designers show off their spring and summer collections.  This simple turn of events is what keeps our fashion world spinning.

I will continue to blog in the up comming months as we lead into the Paris fashion week.

Until then,

Looks don’t run the world, but fashion does.