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Free Fashion Magazines Delivered To Your Home

So as the hard economic times hit, I got to thinking how I could save money.  One of the first but most painful solutions that came to mind was the retirement of my magazine subscriptions, or just simply not renewing them.  When you have a lot of magazine subscriptions such as me, going digital can save you a lot more money. 

However, I started thinking about all the free catalogs out there such as Victoria Secret.  Now I know that Victoria Secret is an advertising catalog so that is why it is free, but why can’t magazines like Vogue also supply there’s for free.  After all, half of their magazine is a advertisement.  For example, when they do break downs of how much each item costs that the models are wearing, why can’t they make those fashion designers pay before displaying their items for free?  Then they would make as much if not more money as they do off their prescriptions, and then could provide subscriptions for free to the public.  They would actually make more money off this concept because you can subscribe to a magazine like Vogue for a whole year for only $15.  That is just a little more than one dollar per month.

A magazine such as Vogue would also generate a larger name (even though is it already pretty large) by reaching out to a greater audience.  Right now, their audience of people who purchase the magazine is comprised only of people that care about fashion and trendy topics.

As I progress through my academics and make a career out of fashion, I might look to try and revolutionize the way fashion magazines make their money.

Either way, keep finding new sources whether free or expensive to expand your fashion knowledge.