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What is Abercrombie still on the market?

I want to know where in the world people are still buying Abercrombie clothing.  I also want to know who is on their marketing board and what is going through their minds.

I’m not writing this in frustration of Abercrombie as a company, but what Abercrombie represents.  It seems like they are either fashionably confused, or just straight stupid.  They keep trying to market products that were popular when I was in middle school!  [That would be about ten years ago by the way.] 

What spurred this frustration towards Abercrombie was an email.  Well not one email, but many emails.  I am still receiving the weekly Abercrombie email newsletter from when I subscribed ten years ago.  The reason I haven’t canceled the newsletter and others like it is because I like to keep in touch with what major corporations are trying to push in fashion.  But Abercrombie, they are the only company I just simply do not understand.

Today’s newsletter is highlighting ripped jeans.  While I’m not up to date in fashion for construction workers, I am up to date on runway fashion, and I know they aren’t strutting the runway in ripped to shred jeans.  It is as if Abercrombie is marketing to only the youth, 16 and under.  Which I fully understand, but it seems once again like they are confused.  The 16 year olds I know are even smart enough to realize that a better quality item at a more up to date style is available at other retailers such as Gap. 

If you are a teenager or younger, I would love to hear your opinion on Abercrombie clothes!