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Will Fashion Ever Change?

Imagine walking through the streets of NYC without a cell phone?  Just that one sentence alone arises thousands of questions in my mind…  As if fashion had not been moving fast enough already, technology has only pulled it along faster.

It seems that with the inventions of new technologies in fashion, new ideas for styles would evolve.

In the 1600s, it took decades sometimes for a new style to arise and become popular as opposed to present day 2000s when fashion changes every year.  The only thing however is, new styles were being invented back then, as opposed to now, styles just keep getting regenerated.  They say that fashion recycles about every 15-20 years. 

This thought has often occurred to me over the years… Have we become so narrow-minded that we can not invent new fashions or is there simply nothing new out there to be created?  Everything today is just a spin-off of a previous design.  People mix and twist current styles to create a new style, but in reality, it isn’t that new.

In the 1600s women were using the farthingale and creating bone structures.   So will society ever accept another crazy fashion idea like this?  Or will we just keep re-adopting old fashions?